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Local Expert Terrific Communication  Expert Negotiator  Detail Oriented

Local Expert - Terrific Communication - Expert Negotiator - Detail Oriented

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I truly enjoy helping my clients move into the next stage of their lives. A real estate transaction can be expensive, time consuming and stressful. My education, work experience, real estate knowledge, and self motivation allow me to best assist my clients with the complex real estate transaction making it as smooth as it can be.

I believe that my background in finance, my real estate experience, and my hard working attitude give me the best tools to help my clients with a smooth stress free real estate transaction. My mom has commented that I am always on the go. I would never sit around and relax. Even as a kid playing 2 sports in the same season and growing my lawn mowing business at the same time, I found a way to make the Honor Roll every semester.

My father and grandfather were always challenging me to be self-motivated and find a way to earn my own money. I began my first job as a newspaper delivery boy in the 7th grade. I found myself waking up at 5:30am every morning delivery papers before anyone else was ever moving in the morning.

I then started my lawn mowing business in 9th grade and realized there is more opportunity and gratification for me working for myself.

I decided to become a real estate agent after 10 years of experience in corporate America as an accountant. I always knew I wanted to be self-employed after I left my high school lawn mowing business behind.

When leaving for college, I left over 30 clients and a $600 weekly income behind. I loved the personal gratification I felt when my clients happily greeted me with a smile after my job was complete and thanked me for a beautiful job well done. I wanted that gratification back and I receive that every time I am able to help my clients with each and every real estate need.

I strive to be the smartest, most ambitious, hard working realtor available to my clients and to be able to care for my family in every possible way.
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If you intend to buy a home in Midland Michigan you should be aware that the best homes sell before they ever get listed online. The great homes sell within a very short period of time.

Buyers That Don’t Use Real Estate Agents Leave Money on The Table. And Buy Homes That They Resell at a Loss or Struggle to Sell.

I am a Realtor and the above statement is true, even you may think it’s self-serving. Hear me out, and let me prove to you that I am right. 

  • One of the most important things to know is that the best homes that come on the market sell before they get publicly listed. The great homes sell in a very short period of time. If you don’t work with an agent you will not even have a chance to look at those homes.
  • In the negotiation process it’s very important to know the true value of a home. The buyers I work with see comparable homes that establish a true value, independently of the current listing price. There are situations in the Midland market where a home is financed at a lower price by the bank because the banks appraisal is lower than the purchase price. The buyer is then required to bring more cash at closing to make up the difference. Are you willing to pay more for the home than the bank says its worth? Even if the bank finances the purchase – are you sure you got a good deal?
  • I have heard people complain about certain things they don’t like with their current home. For example – first time Lake Front homeowners complaining about the boat noise on the weekends or buyers complaining about traffic of homes purchased on a busier road. Did their agent mention these topics prior to purchasing? Did their agent represent them or not understand what was important to them? When I see something that I don’t expect I point it out.
  • I discuss all the important things regarding location and schools as well as things such as windows, energy bills and other repairs needed with the buyers I work with. This may sound simple, but buyers may fall in love with a home, and don’t consider the important issues until it’s too late. Some things can be fixed with money – i.e. negotiation of a lower purchase price for needed repairs but some things can’t be changed. My experience will help you here.
  • The negotiation and purchasing process actually takes time and experience to get the result you are looking for. I manage the complete process, including but not limited to; negotiating the price and contract terms, home inspection issues, home owners insurance, financing and appraisal issues.

I have viewed thousands of homes with my buyers. I do know what to expect and what is unusual. I know Midland, and the pros and cons of all neighborhoods. My experience will help buyers understand what is going on, and will make the purchasing process as smooth as it can be.

To Hire a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home or Go For Sale By Owner that is the Question.
The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online

If you are going to sell your home in Midland, Michigan and aren’t sure if you should hire a real estate agent or go commando (For Sale by Owner) you should continue to read.

You have decided to sell your home, and you are plotting a path to get the sale of your home on the way. You know that listing your home with a realtor is not free and will cost a commission. You estimate that your home is worth $250,000 and that the commission to the real estate agent could be $15,000. 

So you are considering listing your home For Sale By Owner (FSBO). 

Since I am a real Estate Agent, I am obviously biased; but still, hear me out as I will go over the pro and cons of both situations. 

Also, I am speaking for myself here. I don’t know what most other real estate agents do, I can just tell you what I do. 

First – there is no doubt that today the buyers are online. More than 90% of buyers have looked at homes online and search for homes in the available listings on either the Multiple Listing Services or on several Real Estate Web Sites. Very few buyers drive around a neighborhood to find a home anymore or look in the newspaper. Today driving around the neighborhood or looking in the newspaper is more of a supplemental task for buyers. If you have looked at homes yourself you already know this. 

The Pros for FSBO listings and the Cons for a listing with a realtor is essentially the same thing. It’s the money you could save. You could save all or part of the Real Estate commission. Usually the commission between listing agent and buyer’s agent is split 50/50 and if a real estate agent brings a buyer to your home as a FSBO you will still owe commission to the buyer’s agent reducing your potential savings. 

Cons for a FSBO listing and Pros for a Listing with Bryan Gardner as your Realtor. • Many buyers are scared of the buying process. Buyers work with a realtor because they want an expert that understands the process of buying a house and to help them through the process. Those buyers will most likely never look at your FSBO listing. None of the Real Estate Agents that I know in Midland will show a home that is listed by a discount broker or a FSBO listing without being asked by a buyer. • Negotiating the sale. Lets assume you have a potential buyer for your FSBO listing. Do they know how to formally offer to buy your house? Do you? While the process isn’t too complicated for a professional there are steps required prescribed by Michigan Law that need to be followed. Who do you have to negotiate with? What if there is a disagreement? What if your buyers work with a professional (Attorney or Real Estate Agent)? Your sale could be falling apart. I know all of the Real Estate Agents in Midland. I deal with them on a daily basis. I have sold 115 homes as of writing this text. I know all the home inspectors, and I know how to fairly handle disputes in the buying and selling process. Look at my (this) website and look at the multitude of client testimonials. They all liked having me on their side. In 2013 (last year) 88% of my listings sold, just under 50% I sold myself, and the remainder was sold by my colleagues. Compare that with how often a FSBO listing does not sell. • Mortgage/Appraisal/Title Insurance: Again, there are multiple steps that can make the sale fall apart. Lets assume you have a written offer, and the buyer doesn’t pay cash. When you work with me, I manage the process, weeding out buyers that may not be able to get a mortgage to pay for your home to issues that come up when the home inspector finds something that you or the buyer didn’t expect. Purchasing contracts for homes bind buyers and sellers and typically let buyers out if they can’t get a mortgage. If you have such a buyer, you have just lost 30 days in your sales process. I try to ensure that such a thing doesn’t happen, and if it does, I make sure the time lost is minimal. • Listing price: A pitfall of a FSBO listing, and a benefit of listing with me is the question of how to price your home. Pricing your home is all about understanding the local real estate market. It isn’t rocket science to price a home correctly, however, an overpriced home decreases showings and minimizes offers. More often than not FSBO listings are not priced correctly. Most times they are overpriced, but sometimes they are underpriced. In both cases the seller loses. An overpriced home will take longer to sell and usually sells for less than it would have if it were priced correctly at the beginning. A home that is on the market for too long because it wasn’t priced right usually nets the seller less than if it had been priced right from the start. • Cost of not Selling: A $250,000 home costs the seller close to $2500 every month it does not sell, even if the mortgage is paid off. Living in the home may mitigate that cost, but the fact remains that if the home does not sell it costs the seller a significant amount of money. My average days on the market in 2013 was 62 days. I have sold homes that were priced right in one day. My colleagues and I at Ayre Rhinehart have sold homes that were about to be listed before they even were openly visible on the Internet. The best homes that are in a good location, and that are priced right sell very quickly. • For Sale by Owner (FSBO) yard signs don’t work. I have seen many FSBO listings where the owner just stuck a sign in the yard and hoped for buyers to stop by or to call the number on the sign. I have passed FSBO signs with many buyers and without me doing anything the buyers did not even notice that the home was for sale and that it may have been a home they would like. • FSBO listings are not being looked at by Realtors. When I list a home its going front and center on the Internet. You have seen my face everywhere on the net, so you already know I am well versed in getting in front of buyers and sellers on the Internet. I am on Facebook, I am on Google, I am on, I am on and hundreds of other web sites. All my listings are on Trulia and on Zillow in addition to the local MLS. In addition, me, and my colleagues at Ayre-Rhinehart, but also other Real Estate companies start presenting your home to potential buyers even before it is formally listed. In general I think it isn’t even a fair competition. I have seen FSBO homes sell, but the majority don’t, or they sell after a long time on the market and after several price adjustments. Please consider this – it doesn’t take long for you to spend more money on holding on to a home you have decided to sell but that doesn’t sell, than paying the commission to a Real Estate agent. I am a full time real estate agent. I only make money if I sell a home. I have a plan in place to make that sale happen. Give me a call and lets meet and I can show you how.

What is a Home Marketing Analysis?
When you meet with me to discuss the potential sale of your home I will tell you what is necessary to sell your home for top dollar and fast.

I am offering this service free to any home owner that lists a home that is valued above $200,000. I specialize in those homes and have a keen sense for what a home sells for, and what you can do to sell your home fast and for top dollar.
These People Have Worked With Bryan Gardner
He has very good negotiating skills
Eric Luoma
I would strongly recommend Bryan Gardner as a realtor. My parents had several parcels of property that needed to be sold. Bryan provided great advice on how to proceed and stepped us through the process. He has very good negotiating skills and has a very well-reasoned approach. His familiarity with the housing market is another big plus!  
Happy With our Choice of Realtor
Chad & Brooke French
My husband and I chose Bryan out of a pool of realtors and couldn't be more happy with our choice. Bryan has been a pleasure to work with and has worked hard not only to sell our house, but to help us purchase the perfect house for our family. I would highly recommend Bryan to anyone.
Bryan, it has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you for going above and beyond and for all of your hard work.
He Kept me Informed While Selling my House
Don P.
I couldn't be more satisfied with the service that I received from Bryan Gardner. He is very personable and conscientious, and it quickly became obvious to me that he is a very dedicated hard worker. When he started as my agent he was so helpful. He continuously sent me helpful information to help me sell my house. Once people started to go through the house and made comments he kept me informed. He promptly responded to any questions or concerns that I had. He communicated in a timely manner with our insurance company, title company, inspector. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bryan. I couldn't have asked for a better realtor to work with. He did a great job for me.  
Beyond Anything we Could Have Imagined
Juahn and Kelli Clark
Selling your home can be extremely stressful. However, having Bryan Gardner as our realtor made the process smooth and easy. His hard work and dedication was beyond anything we could have imagined!
He is an Expert
Bryan Smith, CPA
Bryan’s an expert at his trade. I appreciate his great communication style and negotiating skills. Not all realtors are equal, which is why I’ve worked with Bryan in the past, present and will continue to on all my future real estate ventures
Implemented an Aggressive Sales Plan that Allowed us to get an Accepted Offer Within a Month
Matthew P.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bryan as both a selling and listing agent, and I always recommend him to anyone that is looking for a realtor in the Midland area. Bryan is a hard-working agent that puts a tremendous amount of time and effort to ensure that he understands the current market conditions and lays it out honest and direct to his customers. During the buying process, he was in frequent contact and did a great job of bringing potential homes to our attention. I was new to purchasing a home, and Bryan educated me on how to properly assess the value of home using data and numbers, rather than purely emotion and feelings. Ultimately, we decided to build our home, which Bryan was intricately involved in the process, specifically to help determine what upgrades would bring a better return on investment (paid dividends when selling the house). We initially listed our house through our relocation companies preferred agency, but after several month of minimal activity, we convinced our relocation company to allow us to switch to Bryan. Immediately, Bryan implemented an aggressive sales plan that allowed us to get an accepted offer within a month. His patient and knowledge during negotiations helped curb my anxiety, and in the end we ended up accepting an offer that was higher than the initial asking price. All-in-all, we had a great selling and buying experience with Brian, and would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Midland area.
He is Very Knowledgeable in the Midland, Saginaw and Outlining Area Market.
Kim Betts, Isabella Bank
Isabella Bank has had the opportunity to use Bryan Gardner in the selling of REO property. I felt that Bryan had the best interest of the Bank at hand, he was not only professional, but very fair in evaluations of properties. He is very knowledgeable in the Midland, Saginaw and outlining area market. One of Bryan’s assets is that he is a very good communicator, always lets us know how many showings have taken place on a weekly basis and keeps us informed well in the process. Isabella Bank will continue to use his skill and expertize when selling our REO properties.
Sold Home in Midland in 3 Month
Karen Thurlow
Bryan’s an expert at his trade. I appreciate his great communication style and negotiating skills. Not all realtors are equal, which is why I’ve worked with Bryan in the past, present and will continue to on all my future real estate ventures
Listed on One Day and Offers Made The Next
Andrew Gordon, happy new home buyer.
My house buying experience was finally realized when I met with Bryan Gardner from Ayre/Rhinehart for the first time. I had met with several realtors in a past few years, and got the usual talk about it being a buyers market.

What they did not tell me was how fast the houses were being moved: listed on one day and offers made the next. Houses were going very fast. Being a new homebuyer Bryan Gardner helped us through the process of when and what to do. My fiancée and I are dog lovers and we needed space for them to run, while not making the neighbors crazy with barking. Bryan Gardner went the extra mile, he sought out homes for us to look at and then he found one that would give us the home buying edge by allowing us to visit before any others. Well, we're in that home now and we love it! That's my 'Bryan Gardner' experience"
I Can Strongly Recommend his Outstanding Service!
Dr. Kristina Platkowski
Beginning 2014 my company assigned me to a career move from Germany to Midland, Michigan. We are a quite young company and there is very low experience with such moves. So the support from my company was very limited. Over the Internet I found Bryan’s Internet page with some interesting rental offerings. After a first short email contact Bryan offered me a good choice of houses to visit. When I came over with my daughter one week later he took his full Saturday to show us all the homes we were interested in and he helped us to make a good decision. I’m very happy with the home we found and the excellent support offered by Bryan’s and his company. I can strongly recommend his outstanding service!
Purchase went Amazingly Smooth
Bill and Carol Randall
Bill and I Want to thank you for being our agent as we purchased our new home on Saginaw road. We will be sure and recommend you to others. We were amazed at how smoothly the purchase went and cannot wait to get to get to our new home. Want to leave South Texas as soon as possible as a hurricane my be headed this way. Again Thank you!!!
He was Looking Out For Our Best Interest
Jenny Schaefer
We had the pleasure of working with Bryan Gardner for the purchase of our first home. This process can be very overwhelming but he walked us through every step. He made himself available for our many questions and made us feel like we were his most important client. Bryan was professional, efficient, and truly was looking out for our best interest. We feel very fortunate that we found such a hard working realtor. Thank you so much for your patience and dedication until we found the perfect home for our family!
Found us The Perfect House within Budget and Sold the Current One in Two Weeks
Kristin Kozuch
Bryan Gardner is excellent to work with. He is very knowledgeable and informative about the current housing market, reliable, and easy to communicate with. Bryan was able to find us the perfect house with our long wish list within our budget but better yet, he sold our current house within two weeks! I definitely recommend Bryan Gardner as your next realtor.
My name is Bryan Gardner and I help homeowners get the best price possible while selling their home fast using my predictable marketing system.
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Phone: 989.631.7000 (Office Main Line)
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I strive to make the processes of buying and selling as easy as possible for my clients.  With my knowledge and expertise I have the ability to do this.
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